The Stafford Hotel London Review – A Gem in London’s Crown

The Stafford Hotel London Review – A Gem in London’s Crown

A calm amongst a sea of hustle and bustle, the Stafford Hotel in London, is not only one of the finest hotels in London, but it is one devoid of the failure of some of it’s counterparts, it’s not trying to be something it isn’t, it is quite simply a London gem, whose character isn’t forced or crafted but one that has been earned, from the American Bar to their staff, it’s our third and final hotel for London in 72 Hours.

Within an hour’s flight from Belfast International Airport, it is the perfect luxury location for those looking to make the most of the finer things that London has to offer. The Stafford itself is set in the St James neighbourhood of London, with an entrance hidden away in St James Street away from prying eyes, this immediate seclusion from the rest of London, sets the tone for what the Stafford is about.

The former home of Lord and Lady Lyttelton, the Stafford exudes old London glamour, the Main House is crafted from the bones of 4 former townhouses to create the exquisite main interior and reception. This history does not just stretch to a mere shell of a building, but throughout, it is what makes The Stafford, the Stafford. The décor of the Main House inherits the Stafford’s previous life and subtly alludes to its history. One of the most intriguing features of the Stafford is their famed wine cellar, one of London’s only surviving wine cellars, at over 380 years old and formally connected to St. James’s palace a private tour is a must.

Alongside the Main House, is the annex, built in their own tucked away courtyard, for an offering of modern luxury for those who like an unashamedly modern touch. The Mews Suites, offers guests a wide range of suites, one of which we had the pleasure of staying in, they eschew the old world of the Main House, and offer modern quarters. Alongside the Mews Suites, the Stafford also has a further extension, the Carriage House, originally built as stables for the former owners horses, which are currently undergoing a major refurbishment and something we will wish to check out in the future.

We arrived shortly after 2, and the staff at reception were more than courteous, however it was a cold welcome, not unkind or curt, it was just cold, maybe the clientele prefer a stand offish more business like approach, but it was noticeable. However after we got our key sorted, we were greeted by a much warmer reception by a member of staff who whisked us and our bags away to the annex, the Mews Suite awaited us. After we had our bags tucked away we had the opportunity to really take in our room, and it was jaw dropping, not just in terms of its design and understated opulence, just simply in the sheer amount of square footage.

The room, as I said was jaw-dropping, and this article can’t do it justice, but our Instagram can, the suite offered not just an expansive living quarters, furnished impeccably with a neutral scheme, but every modern luxury that one could want. With the large living room, an area to work filled with some choice reads, and coffee and tea facilities, there is plenty of space to unwind. The suite’s bedroom comes with what can only be described as a bathroom of unparalleled indulgence, from the bath to the walk in shower; everything is designed to offer the guest all they could ask. But with all these luxuries in mind, it’s actually one simple thing that made the bedroom perfect – it’s own separate AC, independent from the main room, sometimes it really is the simple things that matter.

Now as much as I want to extol the grandeur of my suite, and spend this review focusing on it, this review is focusing on 72 Hours in London, and the Stafford offers us the perfect opportunity to explore a completely different part of London. Within a short walk through the park, we were able to reach St. James Palace, the go-to tourist attraction for those visiting London, after snapping a couple of tourist shots, we were on our way. One of the best things about the Stafford for those visiting London is its location, we were able to walk to the House of Parliament, and take in Big Ben with ease. On the other side of this, for those who have already been to London and have taken in the sites, the Stafford offers us a one stop tube ride the Oxford Circus – that means shopping! With 1 – 2 tube stops everything that London has to offer for the shopper is at your fingertips. It really is location wise the perfect base for the first time London visitor or the constant city flyer.

After taking in all that London had to offer, it was time to relax and to finally enjoy something I was looking forward to while organising London in 72 Hours. The American Bar, one of London’s oldest bars, named after like so many others from the period, the patrons they wished to attract. It’s not just the drinks or the service, but the memorabilia and the nooks and crannies that appeal. The name just doesn’t sit above the bar but it is the defining characteristic, the ceiling is full of caps from across America, the walls are adorned with photographs and autographed paraphernalia, and the drinks aren’t half bad. The service itself is fantastic, with a wide range of cocktails and spirits to choose from, I opted for a Kentucky Mule, and a MccLennium, they were exceptional, and a passing suggestion from Gino, the all knowing Master Sommelier.

Speaking of Gino, the man is a fountain of knowledge about The Stafford and it’s history, one of the most unique aspects of The Stafford is their cellars, they are as old as the building itself and at one point connected to St. James Palace, the cellars offered a unique sense of time and place, with generations of history at your finger tips if you can organise a private tour. By themselves the cellars are a must-visit, Gino informed us that throughout the year functions are held within a cavernous room at the back, a unique experience to be sure, Gino also for anyone lucky enough to attend runs sessions down in the cellar where you can enjoy some of their finest choice wines and a unique atmosphere to boot. However it is at the far end of the cellars, that you come across a moment in time, a place that Gino assured us has remained untouched since the end of the Second World War. The cellars we were told were used as a makeshift bomb shelter for officers staying there, and with the remnants of the occupants having been left – gas masks, American newspapers and cigarette packets it feels for a moment to have walked into a snapshot of wartime life in London feel visceral and real.

After the tour, I finally had time to eat, and I was looking forward to trying out their menu, with a remodelling only weeks away it would be the last opportunity I would have to try out their menu before it was to be changed. The Lyttelton as it is currently known, was named after Lord and Lady Lyttelton, a throwback and a nod to the private residence that The Stafford is blessed to reside in. With Gino in tow, I chose my food not by the menu but solely on the basis of Gino’s recommendation of wine to go with it. I can’t emphasise enough how much he knows, with 40 years of working within The Stafford, and a love of wine, you feel the cellars are his pride and joy, and it is so unusual for a Hotel nowadays to have a man of his quality and knowledge at your finger tips that I didn’t want to squander this opportunity. To start I had French Onion Soup with a hearty and robust red, it was delicious and as promised the wine brought out its full flavour, it is unusual for a soup to feel like an experience but that is what is was. For my main, I enjoyed a braised pork belly, it was cooked to perfection and with another perfect choice of wine to go with it, one that was left to age by Gino’s own choice, The Stafford, The Lyttelton, and my experience of this Hotel became more and more memorable. For dessert, I decided to indulge in Sticky Toffee Pudding, when a restaurant prides itself on creating British food in all its glory, it seemed the only choice, and I was glad I did. Overall dinner was spectacular, not just for the fabulous food, but for the understated old world glamour that you ate in, for the service and attention to detail and for the way you could sense the immeasurable pride each member of staff took in their role.

After I took myself back to my room, following another round at the American bar (Something that I would advise all visitors to do), the turn down service had been and gone, like fairies in the night, and it was time for bed. When I woke, I took myself around the room before breakfast, I wondered to myself about the Stafford and it’s place in London, and I thought back to my initial contemplation on arrival, that it really has character, actual character not that crafted through marketing or design, but one that has grown organically, from Gino, to the Cellars, to the American bar and it’s wartime shelter, to the Lytellton and the menu it offers, each individual part is interwoven into the fabric and the history of this hotel. It wouldn’t be amiss of me to say while so close in location to St. James Palace, that the Stafford is indeed a gem in London’s crown, and a hotel worth returning to.


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