London’s Largest Mural! The Hotel Megaro Review

Photo courtesy of Craig Preston Roberts
London's Largest Mural - The Hotel Megaro
4.6A work of art

London’s Largest Mural! The Hotel Megaro Review

Location, location, location! Is there anything more important in London? Flying in from Belfast International Airport to London Gatwick, with a train ride directly to Kings Cross, what could be more perfect than getting off and walking 2 minutes to your hotel? That’s what the Megaro Hotel offers to its guests, a stylish boutique hotel in an unbeatable location.

The Hotel Megaro is situated in an unbeatable location for visiting London, it’s convenience to Kings Cross and St. Pancras transport links, means that it is the perfect base to explore and work in London. The hotel is acutely conscious of its location, and in a bold move has turned the hotel into London’s largest mural, one that as you step away from Kings Cross catches your eye immediately. The Megaro it seems from the offset is trying to catch your attention and lure you in.

Walking through the lobby, the wow factor from the mural outside continued, the mural itself continues within but is now joined by some oversized sofa thrones and a minimalist reception desk. From the outset it is clear that no expense has been spared in creating a unique vision for the Megaro, while at the same time developing a relaxing yet modernising ambience.

Two highly courteous, professional staff checked me in, unfortunately I was too early to get a room, it was only 10.30am, I was eager to make the most of my time in London. The staff showed me to the Karpo, their own restaurant located in the building where I could get some tea and breakfast to fill me for the day ahead. I made the most of this opportunity to sample their breakfast menu, and enjoyed some French toast with Mint Tea. The restaurant itself was bustling even this early before lunch, which is always a good sign of quality in London, where options are plentiful.
Midway through my French toast, one of the staff members politely came over to let me know that the room had been made up and to pop around to collect my key whenever I was ready. The only downside so far to the Megaro, was the elevator, which is only really comfortable for 2 people, 3 is cramped, in most cases I would use the stairs but I was on the 6th floor.

On entering, I was greeted by a ridiculously spacious room with minimalist design; unlike the downstairs the rooms have an almost Nordic aesthetic to them. With a large king size bed, a sofa/bed and a large flat-screen television each room, comes filled with plenty of closet space, and a large bathroom. The room’s minimalist aesthetic is improved greatly by the large windows that allow for maximum natural light to filter through. The Megaro itself offers 57 rooms including eight self-contained apartments, if you have the choice ask for a room in the highest floor possible, it means less noise at night and a better view out across London.

After unpacking, and getting settled I decided to make the most of my location, and hopped onto the tube outside the Karpo’s front door. I took in Oxford Circus for a bit of light shopping a mere two stops away, then I continued on my journey for one of my Bucket List – the Peter Pan statue. After whisking through a number of stops and sights I decided to head out to Shoreditch and get some dinner, after a suggestion from Twitter, I decided to go pray at the church of BBQ – ‘Red’s True Barbeque’. It was exceptional, who knew a doughnut and a burger were meant to be together, but after, I can’t imagine eating one any other way.

Finally when I had finished with my friends, and dinner, I made my way back to the hotel, but with some time on my hands I decided to take in the location of the Megaro. As much as it is easy to talk about how close it is to Kings Cross and the tube, what really needs to be taken in, is how the Megaro is at the forefront of the revitalised and renovated area. I don’t just mean through the use of over 300L’s of paint, but by creating areas that catch the eye and offer something new to London, especially for those visiting from Northern Ireland.

On getting back to the Megaro, I decided to indulge in their ‘secret bar’ a speakeasy hidden beneath their restaurant. Dimly lit, with a feel of the other world, I took in one of their newly invented concoctions, the ‘Corpse Revival’, a drink that takes as much time in it’s creation, as any classic. Just watching it’s preparation, left me in awe, it really did feel as if I had been transported out of London. I decided to make the most of the night and enjoyed a beautifully presented Clover Club. The bar staff was friendly and kept me entertained, they regaled me on stories from the bar and were the perfect hosts. Finally enough was enough I had completed over 20k steps and ate and drank to my fill; it was time to retire to my room and for bed.

In the morning after I woke up, well rested I order my breakfast to my room, it was a luxury but why not spoil myself? After enjoying my breakfast so much when I arrived the previous morning, I decided to indulge in the French toast again. It has to be a stamp of approval when you order the same breakfast two mornings in the row. On checking out, the staff were friendly and wanted to make sure my stay was as good as possible, truthfully it was!

From one hotel, this hotel, the Megaro, London in it’s entirety was on my doorstep. The blend of the hip and modern, with a location that appeals to everyone coming from Northern Ireland, it really has the ‘wow’ factor that so many hotels in London just don’t offer especially at this price range. So on your next trip to London, why not stay in London’s largest mural? It’s not to be missed!


[Photo credit for the Tower to Craig Preston Roberts]


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