If you are like me, then you love a really good cheeseburger (must resist Pulp Fiction reference)

I have known of Five Guys for a while now as they are big in America and from seeing them all over a friend who recently moved to London’s Instagram account. So you can imagine how excited I was upon hearing the news that Belfast would be getting it’s own Five Guys.

Now this review has been a while coming and it’s not from fear or putting it off. I simply felt that I needed to let the excitement die down for a few weeks before I got the chance to try my own Five Guys burger. Plus the fact that for the first two weeks at least from it’s launch, I always found the waiting line reaching past the doors.

The interior of the restaurant is very bright and American themed with consumers including myself envying those occupying the booths with a view of Victoria Square. At first, I thought from a glance that the ordering system was going to be complicated but surprisingly, it was very straight forward. You simply make your order at the till and are given an order number which you wait to hear your number called. It’s pretty much like a burger version of Argos.

The staff were friendly and helpful as I and my friend struggled at first when asked what toppings we would like, fries etc. I went for the cheeseburger with lettuce and BBQ sauce (the favourite) and we split a regular fries as I had heard on the grape vine that work colleagues had struggled to finish a portion of fries each along with the burger. Although I resisted the temptation to have one myself, the fact that you could mix and match toppings for a milkshake including bacon (Yes, I did say bacon) I found intriguing and definitely a reason to return.

The food was in a word, great.  Not fantastic or the best burger I’ve ever had but great. The burger and fries arrived in a brown paper bag which is a theme of delivery for the brand. The burger was tasty and the fries were good too however I could not finish them even though our portion was split. It wasn’t very messy and I felt I was getting what I paid for. The price is something that bothers some consumers as it was £8.50 for my burger alone which in some restaurants is pretty much what you would pay for a burger meal. However, this is something that is common with imported brands like Five Guys so it pretty much comes with the territory.

So in conclusion,  if you are looking for a good burger and you don’t fancy a run of the mill McD’s burger or a sit down meal, then I would definitely recommend Five Guys.

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