Looks like it’s bad luck for families or parents with children hoping to fly with Ryanair from September !

The budget airline has just announced that passengers travelling with a young child will have to pay extra for a reserved seat.This new rule comes as in the past there have been “boarding issues” according to the airline as under the carrier’s existing rules, all passengers can choose to save money by having their seats randomly allocated. However the Dublin-based airline said the issues arose as crews would try to re-seat adults and children who have been separated.

This means that from the 1st of September, adults travelling with children under 12-years-old will have to purchase a reserved seat to ensure they are seated with their children to stop the problem while boarding.

The standard reserved seats cost €8 per flight, according to official Ryanair website, although the airline says one adult in every booking with children will be able to reserve seats for €4.

Children under 12 will receive reserved seats free of charge and it is not mandatory for children over 12 to purchase reserved seats – so if you want to ensure you are seated with your child (over the age of 12) they will also need a reserved seat. For every booking, only one adult qualifies for the reduced reserved seating rate of €4.

This new charge may cause annoyance for those travelling with small children however according to Ryanair’s chief marketing officer, their main focus is on customer service “It will also allow families to select their preferred seats at the time of booking, check-in for their flights up to 30 days prior to departure and fly safe in the knowledge that they are getting Europe’s lowest air fares, while ensuring that they always sit together with their children.

“This will also prevent other customers who have chosen to purchase a seat of their own from being displaced on board,” he added.

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