Here at NITT, we love helping promote local travel and tourism. From small independent cafes down the road to the best tourist attraction in the world of Titanic Belfast. Unfortunately this afternoon came a time when we could not do this.

We are in a time when there are many people around the world suffering from natural disasters to facing injustices due to the colour of their skin and it is a time we all need to stand together.

Belfast restaurant uses domestic violence to promote their lunch deal.

Belfast restaurant uses domestic violence to promote their lunch deal.

Everyone wants to have that quirky marketing technique and even a chance to take it ‘viral’ in this digital age but choosing to promote your business by making light of domestic violence is not what you do. EVER!

What’s worse is when you are called on the mistake, rather than accept responsibility, hold your hands up and call it a mistake, this business came back to their customers with a response which only emphasised why men and women, victims of abuse struggle to come forward.

In the same week that the highly favoured Dock Cafe in Belfast was robbed of their donations, that the business strives on to survive, this incident today, highlights the stark contrast of not only the businesses but those who run them, it is clear what business deserves our support and which we should avoid.

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