Attention all Disney fans! Disney is following the lead of rival park Universal  by introducing demand-based ticket prices in its US parks.

Admission to the park has now been separated into three tiers of value, regular and peak which took effect on Sunday 28th February.

With these new demand-based tickets, one-day ticket to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom will cost $105 (approx. £73) on ‘value’ days, which typically include weekdays during the school year when the park would be typically quieter.

‘Regular’ days are priced at $110 (approx. £77) and ‘peak’ tickets at $124 (approx. £86), which are for the busiest holiday periods, such as spring break and peak summer dates.

Currently, tickets prices at Disneyland cost  $95, $105 and $119 ( which is approx. £66, £73 and £83) respectively.

The ticket cost to the US theme parks could rise as much as 20% during the busiest times of year, reports Bloomberg.

This seasonal pricing is only applicable for one-day tickets.

The policy, Disney says, is to encourage people to visit on quieter days to avoid long bottlenecks at rides on peak dates. To families, this news could be off putting as it is harder to organise holidays during the school term in the US and at home here in Northern Ireland and the UK.

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