Even if you are the most laid back, organised person in the world, travelling can always stir up high levels of stress from remembering where you last put your passport to even finding your house keys when you are about to miss your bus. Here is a simple list of some tips that can help take the stress out of your next trip.


  1. PLAN

Planning is the most important aspect of having an organised and stress free trip. Aspects of your trip such as hotel and tourist destinations should be researched and booked in advance to avoid any problems and allow you a chance to snatch up a great deal. If you are bringing pets or children, it is best to research into what pets are pet friendly or what services they can offer for families such as providing cots or childminding facilities.

Purchasing flights or trains are always better in advance to get the best price especially if you choose day that aren’t busy flying days, for example, the week leading up to Christmas when flights prices are high and fill up quickly. Once you have your travel choice booked, creating an itinerary for yourself can help you feel more organised. Most airlines now offer online check in at least five days before your flight which can allow you to check in and print off your boarding passes or some have apps you can use to keep all the important details you need ready to go.

Other things you can plan ahead are travel destinations, having your currency changed or having a hire car ready when you arrive at your destination.


2. Make check off list.

When travelling, it is best to be just like Santa Claus by making a list and checking it twice. The last thing you want to do is to arrive at your tropical destination and realize your swimsuit is still sitting on your dining room table. Making a list is great for both travelling and packing as it allows you to make sure you have everything you need and remind you of what you have to get before you head off on your adventure.

Medications, IDs, passports, tickets, itineraries, maps, cash, insurance info, and credit cards are the most important things to make sure you have checked off your list and are best kept closest to your person. Place these important items in your carry-on bag or handbag.


3. Eat Well

Nobody likes to travel with an empty stomach which is why eating is important to make your trip more enjoyable. If you know you don’t like the food outlets in the airport or it will be some time before you are somewhere where you can buy food, eating ahead of time or bringing snacks, hopefully healthy ones, with you on your trip is always a good idea.


4. Be Comfortable

The idea of sitting on a long haul flight in a scuba diving suit is terrifying if not stressful to most people and this is what it can feel like if you aren’t wearing something comfortable while you travel. Comfy sweats, loose fitting clothing and sweatshirts are just some of the comfortable clothing you can wear to travel. In short, just go to your wardrobe and pick out the comfiest thing you own and you are all set.

It’s not only clothing that can help you feel comfortable. Listening to a calming playlist or even your favourite music, wrapping yourself in your favorite blanket or oversized scarf can help you feel more relaxed in no time.


And lastly


Enjoy yourself, explore and have a great adventure.

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