Belfast’s reputation for great food has reached the level of National Geographic listing it as one of the places to travel to for food in 2016. Not only did we make the list but Northern Ireland was placed in the top ten.

This year is “Northern Ireland’s Year of Food and Drink” with this month being “Breakfast Month” followed by “Love Local” in February, being placed so highly on such a respected list is nothing but good news. It will additionally aspire to the Northern Ireland tourist board with their drive to promote the province as the must-have destination for food.

The only thing that might leave a slight sour taste in the mouth of local businesses here is that the National Geographic states that “many pubs and some restaurants are closed on Sundays” which hasn’t been true for a very long time.  Clearly, somebody made a bit of a mix up.

Along with placing Belfast on the list, the National Geographic also recommended sampling the “Taste of Ulster” board at Robinson & Cleaver, and going on the Belfast Food Tour.


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