If you are a fan of fudge like we are, then look no further than Northern Ireland’s own Granny Shaw’s Fudge Factory.

Granny Shaw’s produce handmade fudge here in Northern Ireland in in County Antrim. Their fudge is sold locally at fine food and artisan markets as well as being enjoyed on a wider scale throughout the UK through their website. Made with Irish butters and fresh ingredients, their fudge really show the world just what Northern Ireland has to offer.

We were happy to do this review for Granny Shaw’s but we had no idea that after tasting their fudge, no other fudge would compare. The flavours we got to try were Chocolate, Baileys and Chocolate, Lemon Meringue and Raspberry Ripple. Each flavour is rich and full of flavour. The Raspberry Ripple was a personal favourite with a flavour that has a nostalgic feel and brings you back to childhood.

As the fudge is made daily, it is evident in the freshness of the fudge and it melts in your mouth. I sometimes have an issue with some fudges feeling a bit stodgy but that is not an issue with Granny Shaw’s as it’s so creamy, before you know it, saving some for later is no longer an option. Although if you want to savour it, the fudge stays fresh for six to eight weeks!

Granny Shaw’s offers a large range of flavours as well as bespoke flavours. Sold in boxes of four that can be mix and matched with your choice of flavours at £2.00 per 100g bar, we think this too much of a bargain to pass up. They are perfect for gifts for your family, friends and even party or wedding favours.

We love to support local businesses and promote Northern Ireland and Granny Shaw’s has our support!

You can find there website to get your orders in here

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