The Galgorm Resort and Spa recently spent eleven million on creating their brand new Thermal Village spa. The new Thermal Village facility includes 75,000 square feet of luxurious thermal spa experiences. The Galgorm resort have insisted the Thermal Spa is the first of its kind in the UK and Ireland. The new spa allows guests to enjoy hot tubs, indoor and outdoor heated pools, steam rooms and saunas in its tranquil setting. Knowing this, I was excited to visit and see it for myself.

Upon approaching the resort and spa, you already feel that you have escaped miles away from home and are in a parallel universe with its awe inspiring surroundings of greenery and cascade of water flowing in the River Maine which is the setting for the Thermal Village. The hotel as well as the resort is grand with a beautiful period house being brought into the future with its modern extension all while retaining its vintage notes. Whether you are planning on staying at the Galgorm resort or are just visiting for the day for a function or a relaxing day at the spa, it is worth a visit as it has met all criteria in the hype that surrounds it.

As you enter and walk throughout the hotel, the subtle scent of lavender amongst other aromas meet your senses which have an instant calming affect even to the most stressed patron. The décor is stunning with the walkway through the hotel lined with interesting art pieces on the walls and tables. On the right as you make your way into the hotel, you pass The River Room, one of the three restaurants provided by the resort and four restaurants in Northern Ireland to be awarded 3 AA Rosettes for culinary excellence which transforms into a gin and jazz bar when dinner service has ended. As you continue on, on the left resides the other two restaurants in the Galgorm resort; Gillies and Fratelli.

I had the pleasure of being escorted to my room by a concierge named Joe who was very friendly and informative. This is one thing the Galgorm should be known for is the high standard of their staff as each staff member I met was nothing but courteous.

The rooms in the Galgorm Resort and Spa is everything you would expect it to be; impeccably clean, comfortable and decorated modern with a warm, slightly rustic touch.  The bed provided one of the nicest and relaxed sleeps I have had in a long time. The bathroom is created from a brightly lit modern marble tile with a walk in shower and a bath provided so the resident can choose from best of both worlds.

For my evening meal, I dined in Gillies restaurant and it was of a high standard. Servers were efficient and very friendly informing me of the Cocktail offer of Buy One Get One Free before 9pm which I took advantage off. Served in good timing, the food was tasty and filling almost preparing you for an easy transition into a good night’s rest. If I had to be picky, the only issues I had with the meal was I requested my steak to be rare to be presented with a medium steak and it felt as if someone had cranked up the heating to eleven in the busy Friday night atmosphere sometimes making it a struggle to continue with your meal.

Gillies was also the setting that I would have breakfast the next morning. As a fan of hotel buffet breakfasts, I had been looking forward to see what the Galgorm Resort and Spa had to offer and I was not disappointed. With a delightfully arranged display of juices, flavoured water and cereals were my first stop followed by the hot breakfast of a good hearted Ulster Fry with some of the nicest sausages and scrambled eggs I have experienced from a hotel. What put the Gillies’ Breakfast a mark above was that also on offer was large range of fruits, cheeses and pastries as well as crepes with a number of toppings which I couldn’t control my will power to not experience.

In conclusion, if you are looking to splash out for a treat to relax and getaway from the world, to truly feel like you have escaped from the rest of the world, then the Galgorm Resort and Spa is where you need to go.

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